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Supreme de Luxe 12 Bore Pair

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A pair of A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe shotguns. The 12 bore pair were completed in 1973 and feature cutaway scroll engraving with game scenes by Les Jones and a polished silver finish. They have very long, highly figured straight hand stocks with gold ovals and come with a pattern 99 Brady leather case and an outer cover. A well looked after pair in exceptional condition.

SpecificationSupreme de Luxe #79618 & 79619
ActionDouble trigger easy opening sidelocks.
Weight 6lbs 8ozs.
BalanceHinge Pin.
Barrel Length28" (Chopper Lump, Concave Rib).
Chambers2 ¾″ (70mm).
Proof.729″ original 1973 Birmingham marks.

 3¼ TONS PER □" (Link to Proof Symbols Table)
Actual Bore Size.731".
O/D @ Lightest PointGun 1 .780″.
Gun 2 .783″.
Wall Thickness @ Lightest PointGun 1 26 thou’.
Gun 2 27 thou’.
ChokesImp. Cyl. r/h, ¼ l/h.
StockWalnut straight hand grip with gold ovals.
Length Of Pull 16 ¼″ from front trigger.
Cast⅝″ heel and  ¾″ toe. Right-handed.
Drop1 ½” comb and 2 ¼″ heel.
Ammunition2 ¾″ lead, bismuth & standard steel cartridges. Not High Performance Steel compatible.
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