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The "Brown Beretta" B.B. game is a modified Beretta, usually a 687 EELL, designed to handle and look a little like an English gun rather than the clay shooting feel given to the gun from the factory. Any of the changes listed below can be applied as per the customers wish, however all of the changes create what is known as the "B.B.Game de Luxe".

Firstly, the entire stock is shaved, slimmed and converted to a straight hand or Prince of Wales grip. The comb shaped more to the English style and the butt is fitted with either a leather covered recoil pad, a horn hand chequered butt plate or the wooden butt plate is blended into the stock if no length alteration is required. The B.B.Game de Luxe also features inserted tear drop points.

The fore-end, often supplied by Beretta as a schnabel type, is slimmed to a rounded splinter shape and both fore-end and stock are totally re-chequered by hand.

The furniture to the action receives treatment too. The top lever can be filed down and reshaped. The trigger guard can be remodelled by filing it down and giving it a traditional bead rolled edge. A trigger guard tang is added to the underside of the stock to aesthetically balance the top strap and together with the optional double trigger conversion, all are polished and hand engraved as required. Similar to the style of a best English gun but at a fraction of the price. The stock initials oval can be replaced with a gold one if required.

The fore-end catch, remarkably plain on the Beretta, receives decorative embellishments to make it look more like a traditional Deeley version. Diamond shaped inserts can be fitted into the fore-end wood to replace the simple round cups fitted as standard by Beretta.

The fore-end and stock are given the loving care and attention of a traditional English oil finish normally reserved for the highest grade guns.

The shoulders of the barrels are usually polished silver and engraved, a small feature that dramatically alters the whole appearance and adds to the Anglicization of the gun.

This work can be applied to other models and to some other makes of imported over and under guns.

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B.B.Game review by David Grant

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After Customisation


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