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A 12 bore J.Purdey & Sons made in late 1932, number 24485 with fine ‘Purdey’ style engraving, still retaining some of its original colour hardening. It has a straight hand French walnut stock, well figured but with a few marks from use. It comes with a single Purdey oak and leather case in tan with red interior complete with oil bottle, snap caps, chambers brush, striker pot, rod, fittings and a canvas outer cover. It also comes with a second set of tighter choked Purdey barrels with a flat high dead level top rib with textured finish, fore and mid sight beads. Overall this is an exceptional gun from a great era, as can be seen in the photographs. The last owner had been shooting this alongside this similar gun using them as a pair and they could be bought together.

SpecificationJ.Purdey & Sons 24485
ActionSelf opening sidelock with double triggers.
Weight 1st barrel; 6lb 9oz, 2nd 6lb 14oz.
BalanceFore end knuckle, 2nd barrel 1″ forward.
Barrel Length28" (Chopper Lump). Two sets.
ChambersBarrel 1 - 2 ½″ (65mm), barrel 2 - 2 ¾" (70mm).
Proof.729″ original London, reproofed Bham 2003 1st; .740″, 2nd; .736″.
Actual Bore Size1st; l/h .740″ r/h .741″, 2nd; .733″.
O/D @ Lightest Point1st; .789″, 2nd; .795″.
Wall Thickness @ Lightest Point1st; 24 thou’, 2nd; 31 thou’.
Chokes1st; l/h ¼″ r/h Imp Cyl, 2nd; l/h Full r/h ¾″.
StockWalnut straight hand grip with silver oval.
Length Of Pull 15″ from front trigger.
Cast⅜" right-handed.
Drop1 ½” comb and 2 ½″ heel.
AmmunitionBarrel 1 - 2 ½″ lead or bismuth. Not steel shot compatible.
Barrel 2 - 2 ¾″ lead, bismuth & standard steel cartridges. Not High Performance Steel compatible.



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