Rizzini Alterations



Like with our modified Beretta, the B.B.Game, we can make alterations to the Rizzinis we supply on top of the usual pre delivery checks and tests.



Here you can see a Rizzini BR550 colour hardened model that we have made a few changes to at the customers request.



We have fitted a shorter butt plate to reduce the length of pull, we have fitted and engraved a gold oval as well as re finishing and oiling the stock. We have supplied a new initialed leather case, fitted it with the specified tools and added a Rizzini patch in the case lid.



This has given the gun a much more tradition feel and sets this Rizzini apart from the crowd. If you are looking to buy a Rizzini, but it is not quite to your specification please do get in touch and we will see what we can do.

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