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Supreme de Luxe 12 Bore


An A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe shotgun. This 12 bore was completed in 1978 and features fine rose and scroll engraving by Les Jones with a silver finish. It has a very nicely figured pistol grip stock with a very well matched extension and a gold oval. It comes with a Brady pattern 19 case fitted with snap caps, an oil bottle and a cleaning rod.

It is being sold as a single gun due to spending most of its life with a different owner to its number 1 and has received far less use. Both of the guns have had a very recent re-joint by us for the sale and this one is in excellent condition. The barrel measurements and smooth top rib of the other gun shows that it has had some previous barrel work resulting in a very slightly different appearance and weight, meaning we cannot sell them as a pair. However, if you were interested in both the first gun is available here.

SpecificationSupreme de Luxe #79669
ActionEasy opening sidelock with double triggers.
Weight 6lbs 11ozs.
Barrel Length28" (Dovetail Lump).
Chambers2 ¾″ (70mm).
Proof.729″ original 1977 Birmingham marks.

 3¼ TONS PER □" (Link to Proof Symbols Table)
Actual Bore Size.730"
O/D @ Lightest Point.789″ l/h, .787″ r/h.
Wall Thickness @ Lightest Point29 thou’ 
Chokes¾ l/h and improved cylinder r/h.
StockWalnut pistol grip with gold oval.
Length Of Pull 15 1/16″ from front trigger.
Cast¾" right-handed.
Drop1 ⅝” comb and 2 ⅜″ heel.
Ammunition2 ¾″ lead, bismuth & standard steel cartridges. Not High Performance Steel compatible.



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