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Supreme de Luxe 20 Bore Pair


A pair of A.A.Brown & Sons Supreme de Luxe shotguns. The 20 bore pair were completed in 1985 with striking gold inlayed barrels. They feature the best in fine rose and scroll engraving by Keith Thomas and come with a leather book type motor case by Bryant of London. These guns were part of a four gun set and their 12 bore counterparts are also available for sale here and it would be possible for a buyer to keep the set together.

SpecificationSupreme de Luxe #79737 & 79738
ActionDouble trigger easy opening sidelocks with gold plated mechanism.
Weight 5lbs 11ozs.
BalanceHinge pin.
Barrel Length26" (Chopper Lump).
Chambers2 ¾″ (70mm).
Proof.614″ original Birmingham marks.

 3¼ TONS PER □" (Link to Proof Symbols Table)
Actual Bore Size.615".
O/D @ Lightest PointGun 1 .675″ l/h .671″ r/h.
Gun 2 .672″ l/h .671″ r/h.
Wall Thickness @ Lightest Point28 thou’.
ChokesImp. Cyl.
StockWalnut straight hand grip with gold ovals.
Length Of Pull 14 ⅞″ from front trigger.
Cast½” right-handed.
Drop1 ½” comb and 2 ¼″ heel.
Ammunition2 ¾″ lead, bismuth & standard steel cartridges. Not High Performance Steel compatible.



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