The ABAS Series 8 is a brand new over and under shotgun, the first to be produced by A.A.Brown & Sons in their 81 year history. A pair of 16 bores are currently in production for a client and very early photographs of their manufacture can be seen here.

It is based on the time proven action developed by J.Woodward and C.Hill in 1913. This action was chosen for its shallow profile allowing A.A.Brown & Sons to shape the gun with the subtle domed aesthetics employed on their best side by sides. 

The photographs on this page will show our progress during the complete manufacture, from the initial kit of machined parts to (one day) the finished guns. You can see in the picture to the left the difference achieved during the initial actioning.

Great care and a lot of time is being spent ensuring the guns have the look and feel of our very best side by sides, but the newly found challenge of creating fresh shapes only seen on over and under guns is allowing us to evolve our style.

Designed in house in conjunction with actioner Richard Barnes, Richard took the Ian Clarke machining’s to set about creating the first Brown OU shape. Mike Birch made the barrels from Chris Kaye tubes while Mark Wallin finalised the locks.

All the parts then came home to the factory to have the final hanging of the triggers, shaping of the trigger guard and fitting of the fore end catch before heading out again to Stephen & Son to be stocked by Stephane Dupille and Vincent Lafont. This picture was taken just after returning from them.

Once the stocks were back at the factory, matthew brown set about designing the checkering for the complex fore-end. this was done by taking careful measurements of wood and creating a 3d template that could be printed onto paper and wrapped around the fore-end to guarantee accuracy.

the fore-end, butt-end and hand were then all checkered by Matt before he started the oil finishing process. At the same time, Robin Brown was doing the final shaping and smoothing of the actions for the engraver. Robin, Matt and the engraver then came together to design the pattern.

The engraving pattern was designed by Robin and Matt with guidance from the engraver, the legendary Keith Thomas. Keith then used his superb traditional hand pushing techniques to transfer those ideas to the steel. The guns are now heading on to the next stage of manufacture and you can see more images of the build so far here.

The first pair are 16 bores as we like the aesthetics of this calibre relative to the performance it delivers. This first pair has double triggers which give fast selection of the alternate barrel, although single trigger as well as other calibres are available.

The Series 8 will be available with or without Teague multi-chokes. The first pair have just passed proof and in a very rare and kind gesture we were allowed to follow and photograph the guns passing through the process as shown here.

By utilizing the latest machining techniques and following up with hand work from some of the country's finest gun makers, you can be sure the ABAS Series 8 will live up to its makers promise to manufacture some of the most striking, best hand made guns.

This site will be regularly updated during the manufacture of this first pair, so make sure to check back often to see the progress. If you'd like more information on the ABAS Series 8 or are interested in an order please call us or email us.


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